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Black Obsidian Collection


Black Obsidian Collection


Each beaded Black Obsidian Collection bracelet is made by hand in Mara Hruby's home! Each piece is crafted with Love & Light, designed to be the perfect addition to your individual energy. Please read the additional information offered to see a further description of this collection's healing properties.



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Black Obsidian is volcanic glass

Quick Guide - Purification, Transformation, Fulfillment, Metamorphosis, Manifestation, Practicality, & Psychic Ability.

This stone has powerful metaphysical properties that can form a shield against negativity to enhance protection. It helps by absorbing negative energies from your environment, so be sure to take time to charge and cleanse this collection! This stone increases self control and pushes you to face your true self. It may draw out mental stress and tension and dissolves mental blockages. Black Obsidian is a protective stone and provides support during change. This is a truth enhancing stone that brings clarity to the mind.

Chakras :: Base Chakra

Element :: Earth/Fire