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*NEW ITEM* Hruby's Rest Aromatherapy Mist


*NEW ITEM* Hruby's Rest Aromatherapy Mist

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Hruby's Rest was created because Mara Hruby would make uniquely tailored aromatherapy mists for her family and friends, and demand became so great that it was decided to make it available to the public! This specific blend is her personal favorite that is used daily to combat stress and anxiety by enhancing relaxation and tranquility. This mist can be used for practically anything and is a great addition to anyone's everyday routines. This is the second aromatherapy mist made available online by Mara Hruby, and was created specifically for those who suffer from insomnia. This oil will not cause drowsiness, just pure relaxation for a good night’s sleep and more!

Hruby's Room 4 fl oz - This is the ideal size to keep in your bedroom on your nightstand, or in your bathroom alongside your daily toiletries, or quite honestly, anywhere you please!! It is recommended to keep the bottle out of direct sunlight to ensure the shelf life of the pure essential oils remain long lasting. 

Hruby's Room 2 fl oz - This is the ideal size for travel because it is allowed through TSA! Great to keep in your bag while at work if you are in need of a pick me up due to a stressful day. It is recommended to keep the bottle out of direct sunlight to ensure the quality of the pure essential oils stay in tact. 

*Please read ingredients list below to ensure there are no oils that can cause an allergic reaction due to serious allergy. If you are unsure of a possible reaction, test on your wrist before applying to your face.

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Each bottle is made by Mara Hruby in her home while a vinyl record of her choice is playing. Each mist bottle size comes in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a micro mist spray top and protective cap. Mara has been making special blends for her family and friends since 2014 to help with relaxation, concentration, comfort, stress and insomnia. This particular blend has been her favorite because of the many benefits received. She suffers from insomnia, and with this mist has developed a nightly routine for a full nights rest. All oils come from her favorite shop Lhasa Karnak in the Bay Area, her hometown, and are 100% pure with no synthetic fillers!



- Mist over a freshly prepared bath to open up your senses

- Mist over turned down sheets and pillows in your bed for a restful nights sleep

- Mist in your car to eliminate odors to prepare you for a calm and embracing drive

- Mist your face to bring a sense of calm and peace to any moment in time

- Mist your entire body after a shower to feel restored and rejuvenated

- Mist in your hair to calm a sensitive scalp or refresh any natural hairstyle

-Mist into the toilet before use to help eliminate odor output 

-Mist into the air for an instant fresh boost that provides many health benefits

-Mist directly onto your skin after enduring any kind of bug bite/sting to cool and calm any pain and/or itching

- Mist as a cooler or refresher when you are in the hot sun or engaging in outdoor activity



-Lavender Witch Hazel - Contains Aloe Vera and Grapefruit Seed Extract, and is free of alcohol, parabens, Pthalates, and is gluten free.

-Alkaline Water - This water has an 8.8 pH and contains electrolytes.

-French Lavender Essential Oil - This oil brings deep relaxation and encourages compassion and gentleness. It is used to calm emotional anxiety, insomnia, and overbearing stress.

-Sweet Valencia Orange Essential Oil - This oil is uplifting for the spirit and combats depression by brightening your mood. It also encourages a downward flow which is why it can be uplifting and sedating at the same time depending on the quantity.

-German Chamomile Essential Oil - This oil soothes and calms emotional overexcitement. It grounds and centers the spirit, creating a deep sense of inner calm. It is also known to lower extreme nervous tension, and mental stress.

-Marjoram Essential Oil - This oil helps to descend your energy and is known to calm mood swings and even out erratic emotions. It is comforting and soothing during times of emotional turbulence and encourages safety and inner peace.

-Yarrow Essential Oil - This oil is cooling, protective, and nurturing. It will help you develop a sense if inner peace and tranquility. Yarrow can help to heal a spirit wounded by anger.

-Lemongrass Essential Oil - This oil moves energy inward and can assist with blocking bad dreams and insomnia. It encourages positivity and relieves depression as well as headaches.

-Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - This oil helps to achieve a euphoric state by soothing and easing anxiety buildup along with depression to lower stress related tensions.

-Love - Because who doesn't need love, right?


*ALL oils are non-phototoxic, which means they are safe to use before direct sun exposure. It is not recommended to use Yarrow oil during pregnancy or if you suffer from epilepsy.