Mara Hruby’s “Simply Beautiful” :: From Her Eyes 2 Year Anniversary :: Release


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In the month of November, 2010, Mara Hruby released her debut EP entitled “From Her Eyes”. Exactly two years later, this November 30th is the mark of the first release she has exposed since her golden introduction to the world. Simply Beautiful is exactly what her new song represents, pun intended. Covering Al Greens “Simply Beautiful”, recorded in the Love Den, Ms. Hruby has engineered, arranged, and produced this soul evoking tune, playing only objects found in her home, accompanied by acoustic guitar played by Nate Mercereau & Steve Wyreman. Listen closely and you will hear her playing spoons, loose change, a metal buddha head with a safety pin, and scratching against a scarf. This raw release is a thank you to all that have supported her journey of “From Her Eyes” with love and light. Welcome to her heart, home and soul.

Photo Credit :: Josh Farria