Nothing but love to my family! I am honored to be featured on this album. Get this album now and support the movement..The Romantic Movement!


Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X collaborative album ZULU GURU LP OUT NOW WORLDWIDE | ft. Trae Harris, MoRuf, Chris Turner, Mara Hruby, JoeKenneth, Kesed, Ango & Street Etiquette | production by MeLo-X, Jesse Boykins III, Afta -1 , Big Mono [Jeremy Wilms & Torbitt Zoby] , J.Most, Ango, Trackademics, Gora Sou, & A.CHAL 

Art Direction by Dr.Woo 

In Stores in the UK & EUR NOW and on iTunes Worldwide NOW via Ninja Tune

#TheRomanticMovement #Schwaza 

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