Video Premiere ::: “Character” ::: @EssenceOnline Debut 

Today was the release of my new music video for my cover of "Character", shot and directed by Melinda James , and it premiered through ESSENCE on their official website! I am thrilled and honored that they are giving such wonderful support! They also announced that I will be in the December Issue of Essence Magazine which I have been very excited about! 

Free Direct Download of “From Her Eyes”:

Video Write-Up:

Shot and Directed by Melinda James. “Character” is a video displaying a day in Mara Hruby’s shoes to get a closer look at what makes her happy; Creativity & Music. It was filmed in The Attic Of Love and features a 1964 Porsche Classic, all centered in The Bay Area.

"It’s important to know who you are as a person, all around, so you can take your creativity beyond the ordinary. This video will show a side of me that only a close few have seen. It’s all about doing what you love and finding what makes you happy." 
-Mara Hruby

Featured at the end of this video is an original song entitled “The Love Below”. This song will be on Mara’s upcoming original album. (Nate Mercereau on guitar)